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Ready to Have More Wedding Leads?

We build Google + Meta Ad Campaigns for Small Business Owners in the Wedding Industry

What if you could reach ideal clients, nurture your existing leads, and drive more traffic to your inquiry funnel without having to create any new content?

Whether you’re just breaking into the industry or have been doing weddings for years, if you’re ready to increase your lead volume, simplify your sales process, and save yourself precious time, you’re in the right place.

Imagine focusing on your creative expertise while we use our insider knowledge to set up your business on the most effective online advertising platforms.

We can help you organize your leads inside a system that makes it quick + easy to correspond with potential couples - even when you’re on the go!

It’s time to book more couples and make more money! You get to fill your calendar with high quality clients on repeat!And the best part? It’s not hard…or expensive!

The truth is platforms like The Knot and WeddingWire are crowded and more costly than ever before, and relying on referrals can feel scary and like you’re not really in control.

So why not show up in your potential clients’ newsfeeds as soon as they start thinking about their big day?

The way couples book their weddings is changing. It’s time to meet them where they’re at.

On their smartphones. Within the most powerful advertising platforms.

The goal is to make it EASY for couples to book you for their big day. 

But it’s not just about the couples… Our favorite part of our job is helping YOU!

Because easier bookings equals more sales, less stress, and more time back on your calendar.

And that’s something truly worth celebrating!

Ready for more ease & automation?

"I'm just so glad I reached out!"

"The offer you created with paid ads was what sold me. I love the weekly updates and checking, reviews of the ads and what's working. I have so much faith in the decisions you guys are making and know you guys love cracking the code / marketing puzzle as much as I do.

I am so grateful I don't have to try to figure it all out by myself."

Kathleen D. | Florist + Business Owner

More Social Media Followers Does Not Equal More Business.

The algorithms are ever-changing. Organic reach will only get you in front of a tiny fraction of your potential clientele.

But to put it simply…

You have the power to reclaim control of the process.

Digital Advertising will put you front and center before your ideal clients - in their social media newsfeeds & stories and on the front page of the most popular search engine.

And truthfully, only a very small fraction of wedding pros are leveraging paid advertising in the right ways... which means you get to really stand out!

Want to outshine your competition?

Launch Juicy Campaigns With Ads That Pop!

When it comes to running ads that generate qualified leads for your wedding business, we have your back!

And it doesn’t just stop there…

With our proprietary system, imagine logging into just ONE spot to check social media messages AND incoming emails from prospective clients.

Especially as your lead volume increases when you incorporate paid digital advertising into your marketing strategy, SPEED TO LEAD IS EVERYTHING.

According to a study by Lead Connect, 78% of customers book from the company that responds to them first. 

And when you take longer than 5 minutes to answer, there can be up to a 80% decrease in your lead qualification. 

But when leads are contacted within the same minute of their inquiries, sales conversions can increase up to 391%!

If your current lead follow-up process relies solely on manual responses, you’re leaving money on the table.


our proprietary lead management system

Included with your advertising package is a complimentary custom landing page built inside LeadLock by our team of designers !

As opposed to a full blown website, a landing page gives potential leads all the information they may be looking for in a streamlined fashion, without having to explore (clicking multiple tabs) and potentially get distracted (clicking away). It includes consistent calls to action to get potential leads to take the desired next step (completing an inquiry form).

But LeadLock is more than just a landing page software, it's a complete lead management system.

LeadLock makes it easy to quickly and automatically respond to leads via email and text. It can also be connected to your social media inboxes, include an email sequence to nurture potential clients, send auto-texts in the event of a missed call, include a calendar/scheduler for leads to book their own consultations, and help you collect reviews from past couples.

For a limited time, we are offering a free 30-day trial!

Here’s just a glimpse of what’s possible with LeadLock:

• Consolidated communication across multiple channels (email, text, social media, DM's, etc.)

• Automated email responses so that your leads are never left wondering if you received their inquiry, even if your hands are tied serving another client.

• Auto-text replies to missed calls - texting is today’s preferred method of communication. What if we could turn every inbound call into a text convo?

• Reputation management - collect, easily reply to, and display reviews automatically

• Lead connector mobile app, so this technology is at your fingertips at all times

• Calendar/scheduler if you want potential clients to have the ability to take the initiative to book their own initial consultation

• Text to pay - so you’re clients can put down their deposit straight from their phone

• Tech support - let us help you get all this setup correctly from the get go

This may sound like a lot... But we promise, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

With this new solution, you have the opportunity to be a trailblazer. And we will hold your hand through every step so that you can focus on what you do best- serving your clients.

This is brand new to the market, so in all likelihood, your competitors aren’t taking advantage of this yet. 

Ready to be one of the first?

Here’s how we can work together:

Meta Ads VIP Day

For the resourceful wedding professional ready to tackle digital marketing for their business with a trusted guide by their side without breaking the bank.

The WIA Team will collaborate with you on a virtual strategic planning + implementation session. We’ll set up your lead generation system hand-in-hand. From there, you’ll get to take it and run with it!

But no need to worry; our ongoing high-level support is included with your monthly subscription.

We’re here to help with optimization and are always just a click away for any questions or tech support.

Done-For-You Ad Strategy + Ads Management

Looking for more hands-on support?...

Our white glove ads management service is for the established wedding business owner who’s serious about growing their company and creating consistency & stability, our team of industry experts offers white glove service, so you and your team don’t have to add another thing to your plates. 

At Wedding Industry Ads, think of our agency as a trusted partner. Our proven process will set you up for continued success, so you can focus on the areas of your business you love best.

Who We Work With:

Venues, Florists, Cake Bakers, Caterers, Decorations Rentals, Photographers, Videographers, Wedding Planners, DJs + Bands

We Get It...

Hey, we’re Whitney + Daniela! The universe brought us together just as we were both starting our own online digital advertising agencies three years ago. 

Together, we have over 12 years of sales & marketing and event planning & management experience in the wedding industry.

We’ve been in your shoes - booking and executing weddings for real couples. Selling, meeting and planning during the work week. And making magic happen nearly every weekend.

From working with budget-conscious clients to $1M+ luxury affairs, we’ve seen it all.

And we understand the challenges of running a business that operates 24/7.

Running a business in the wedding industry can be exhausting.

But it doesn't have to be!

What’s even better than a calendar full of clients whose dreams you get to make come true?

…getting to rest and spending quality time with family & friends in your down time (let’s remove the quotation marks from “days off”!)

…enjoying the work at your clients’ weddings instead of worrying about that lead you didn’t have time to get back to or the proposal that was due three days ago

…being booked out far enough in advance to finally take a well-deserved vacation

It’s more than possible when you’ve got a steady stream of high quality leads asking how they can work with you.

AND a system that filters out the dead-end leads, so you’re only investing your time & energy in dream clients who aren’t just price-shopping…

Let us help you! We love to put systems in place that automate lead generation so that you can focus on delivering an incredible experience to all your new clients.

Imagine consistently booking the kind of customers who leave glowing 5-star reviews and refer you to all of their friends!

Yes, this can be your reality.

We know because our boutique agency works with runs ad campaigns for wedding professionals all over the world. (...from Texas to Australia, NYC to California) 

And nothing makes us happier than helping wedding creatives take control of their lead generation, so they can close only the dreamiest of clients with the click of a button.

We Seriously Deliver.

We know there’s a lot of secrecy and competition in the wedding industry.

But we’re all about transparency. We’re an open book.

Fact of the matter is, traditional online marketing strategies don’t work for wedding vendors. 

Instead of chasing engagement or worrying about not having enough followers, we’re here to guide you on where to intentionally focus your energy to create a simple + streamlined + repeatable process for turning leads into clients 

You don’t need a prettier proposal. You don’t need more followers. You don’t need another full-page spread, styled shoot or directory listing.

You need better quality leads and an easy process to turn them into clients. 

It’s time to stop chasing clients and start attracting them with ease.

Let us help.

"The communication and follow up could not be better!"

"We knew we needed to broaden our marketing strategies, and Meta ads were the next logical step. We were completely new to Meta ads and really needed someone knowledgeable to guide us along the way! The communication and follow up could not be better. In fact, you have surpassed our expectations. Your team is very responsive to questions and helping us with anything we may need.

Specifically, we like your back end knowledge of the wedding industry in connection with Meta and Google ads knowledge."

Crystal Taylor | Marketing Director, One Eleven East

The icing on the cake?

We offer a complimentary ads consultation, no strings attached.

Engagement season is upon us - let s make it count!

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